Tour Planner in Europe

As a tour planner in Europe, I can design in detail the tour desired by the customer.

I have worked on the field, know the needs of a group and have the required knowledge about budgeting.

I can prepare the best tour, with all services adapted to the needs and budget of the customer.

The plan may be general and basic, consisting of only the itinerary of cities to visit and how many nights to stay in each of them, or be a detailed plan, including the negotiation of prices of all the services for the tour.

Prices for my services will only include planification. Customer must pay all services directly.

Tour Planner in Europe: Services Always Included

  • General planification of the tour: Completely customized design based on the needs, ideas and budget.
  • General planification includes: Cities to visit, nights required, best options for transport, general ideas about visits.
  • Customer must agree with the final decision, proposals will be adapted and modified for total satisfaction of the customer.

Tour Planner in Europe: Optional services

The services will have a different price depending on the details required:

  • Tour guide: Tours will be performed by myself if available.
  • Accommodation: I will provide ideas about the best options and locations based on the budget, including request of quotations.
  • The services related to accommodation may also include negotiation and closing deals if requested (Payment always done by the customer)
  • Restaurants: Selection of the restaurants and menus, including negotiation of the price.
  • Visits: Detailed design of the tour plan, including timings for visits, cost of tickets, booking of museums, booking of local guides…
  • Transport: Decide about means of transport and timings / Negotiation and booking of bus services.
  • Purchase of products for customers before the tour (SIM Card, Snacks / water (To be available on the bus), maps, currency

Travel Planner for Individuals

As a travel planner for individuals, I can design the full itinerary for your trip.

The plan will include: Transport and accommodation proposals, daily visits and recommended restaurants.

All services must be purchased directly by the customer.

Please, inform about your expectations and budget when sending a request.

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