Tour Guide in Europe:
Pablo Massagués

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Tour Guide in Europe
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My name is Pablo and I have worked as a tour guide in Europe since 2015. 

I’m 30 years old and I have experience as a tour manager with English-Speaking groups in most countries in Europe.

I am from Madrid, Spain and Iberia is the Region in Europe where I do most of my services at the moment, but I am open and ready to work all around Europe, providing an excellent service and customer satisfaction.

I started working as a tour guide with spanish speaking customers, but I currently work for tour operators that work with customers coming from the USA.

I have an extensive knowledge about European history, culture and gastronomy. I love to focus on cultural contrasts and differences that travelers are not expecting.

Pilgrimages are also one of the main type of tours that I perform. I can help with booking, organizing and preparing masses. I am aware of the special requirements of those groups and make sure that they will have all their requirements met.


My Characteristics as a Tour Guide

Customer Satisfaction: It is always the main goal, especially focusing on group leaders when there are.

I love history, culture and gastronomy and as a tour guide,  I love to share it with people that visit Europe.

Attention to detail: I always have everything under control, especially times, so that the program is always done as expected.

Problem solving: I would define the tour leader as the problem solver, I have overcome many difficult situations satisfactorily.

Gastronomy is one of my main passions and as a tour leader, I always try to give the best recommendations so that guests can experience the best food at the best price.

I am a certified local guide.

Establishing a close relationship with customers, sharing conversations and experiences, allows me to reach them in depth and provide a more personalized service.

Adapt to the group: I believe it is essential to adapt to the characteristics and interests of passengers, making sure that they will feel they have received an excellent service and will want to come back.