Tour Guide in Europe:
Pablo Massagués

Picture Tour Guide Pablo Massagués

Tour Guide in Europe Available for 2023 Season

My name is Pablo and I have worked as a tour guide in Europe since 2015. 

I’m 29 years old and I have experience as a tour manager with English-Speaking groups in most countries in Europe.

Madrid is the city where I live and where I was born.

I started traveling with spanish speakers, but I currently work mainly for tour operators that work with USA customers.

Every destination is acceptable for me. I know how to prepare for tours in every country and city and provide the best service.

I have an extensive knowledge about European history, culture and gastronomy.

During the pandemic, I took the time to read and learn, 2023 should be a new start.

I keep updated about the current situation as well as about other topics that interest travelers, such as the functioning of the European Union or taxation.

I have worked with groups of very different size, from different ages and nationalities, but mostly USA and Spanish markets.

Pilgrimages are also one of the main type of tours that I perform. I can help with booking, organizing and preparing masses. I am aware of the special requirements of those groups and make sure that they will have all their requirements met.


My Characteristics as a Tour Guide

Customer Satisfaction: It is always the main goal, especially focusing on group leaders when there are.

I love history, culture and gastronomy and as a tour guide,  I love to share it with people that visit Europe.

Attention to detail: I always have everything under control, especially times, so that the program is always done as expected.

I have a great knowledge about how the European Union works, and keep informed about the current situation.

Problem solving: I would define the tour leader as the problem solver, I have overcome many difficult situations satisfactorily.

Gastronomy is one of my main passions and as a tour leader, I always try to give the best recommendations so that guests can experience the best food at the best price.

I am a certified local guide, by the government of Aragon, although I don’t usually perform, because my vocation is the tour management.

Establishing a close relationship with customers, sharing conversations and experiences, allows me to reach them in depth and provide a more personalized service.

I make sure passengers understand the meaning of traveling in a group and the importance of not being late for the good of the tour and respect for others.

Adapt to the group: I believe it is essential to adapt to the characteristics and interests of passengers